Friday, June 28, 2019

Homeschool Preschool: X, Y, Z

Letter X

letter x worksheets

She did her worksheets as usual.

x-ray craft

Then her and her sister made "x-rays" using white paint, chalk and black construction paper.

Letter Y

We are fortunate to have a few books to go with our letter Y activities.

Both of the girls also made a yellow collage using stickers, used worksheets and some magazines.

Letter Z

Again, we are fortunate enough to have books to go with most of our letter themes.

For our letter Z activity, I had them create a zoo using different building materials.  I think they did an excellent job.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Homeschool Preschool: U, V, W

Letter U

letter u worksheets

We start almost every day with our worksheets.

The Lovable Ugly Duckling

Then story time.  (If I have books for the that letter.)

letter u sound card

Then I try to have some desk type activities.  For U, I had a letter sound card.  She covers only the stickers with that letter's sound.  Unicorn, umbrella and U.F.O.

unicorn sensory bin

Last I put together a unicorn themed sensory bin.

Letter V

letter v worksheets

Unfortunately, V is a difficult letter to plan activities for.  After having her do her worksheets, I let her watch some letter V sound videos on Youtube.

veggie worksheet

Then we talked about vegetables and she colored this worksheet.

Letter W

letter w worksheets

With the letter W, I was able to put a few activities together.

letter w reading list

The books were some of her favorites.

weather card match folder game

I made a weather card match folder game for her.

weather guide

weather guide

Then we played with this weather guide that I bought at the Dollar Tree.

letter w sound card

Then we did another sound card that I made.

Once I am done with posting the end of our letter themed activities (next week) I will be revamping this blog.  It will still be a mom blog with plenty of activity ideas for you and your little ones but will be better put together and organized.  So look forward to that.  See you next week with letters x, y, z.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Homeschool Preschool: R, S, T

Letter R Activities

letter r worksheets

books starting with letter R

Our selection of books for letter R reading.


We played with rockets for one of our letter activities.  The balloon rockets were from the Dollar Tree and were such a hit that they continued to fly through the house for the remainder of the day.

robot craft

Bailey didn't get too far into completing this robot craft.  Couldn't get her to sit still long enough.


She did a couple of worksheets and some task cards to learn about rhyming and she is picking up really well.

recycling activity

Last, she did an activity that I picked up from the Dollar Tree that taught her a little more about recycling.

Letter S Activities

letter s worksheets

books for letter s

Our selection of letter S reading.

shoe tying activity

This activity was also picked up at the Dollar Tree.  Bailey is still working on this one.

shadow cut and paste worksheet

Bailey loved these cut and paste worksheets.

letter s task cards
Last she worked on some task cards that included sorting tasks and learning about syllables.

Letter T Activities

letter t worksheets

letter t books

Our selection of letter T reading.

letter sounds tic-tac-toe game

I made a letters sounds tic-tac-toe game for the girls to play.  

tinker tray

Last I put together a tinker's tray for Bailey and she loved it!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Homeschool Preschool: Letter Q

letter q worksheets

As you know, we finished, but in the end we rushed through it all.  For the letter Q we did our usual worksheets.

Queenie's Secret

We read Queenie's Secret from the Alphapets series.

question mark activity

And finally we did a letter Q craft.  I drew a question mark on a piece of paper and then Bailey traced with with some glue and we covered the glue with some colored sand.  Then she added a couple of stickers because why not.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

First Day of Summer School

We finished with our homeschool this last week, but I am behind on my posts so I will still be posting the remainder of our letter themes.  But today I wanted to share with you pictures of my girls' first day of Summer school.  Here, Summer school is offered with free breakfasts and lunches, shirts and incentives for attendance as well as 3 field trips to places I'd more than likely never be able to afford to take them.  I also see it as a kind of practice for Bailey's first day of Kindergarten.  So of course, I signed the girls up. 

watching for the bus

watching for the bus with daddy

waiting for the bus

running to the bus together